Burkino Faso see a 20% hike in power generation with Mammoet

Emerging Market News 15,January, 2021

Burkino Faso foresees to increment electricity access from 20% to 80%. It is a suggestion by the national plan for economic and social development. The national network has to be strengthened and to attain this aim is possible with Kossodo thermal power plant project. This thermal power plant has a capacity of 50 MW.

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Grand Opening Ceremony in Tema

Emerging Market News 22,March, 2021

The construction finds easy with HMD Warehouses in your search of heavy machines. They have in store the spare parts and equipment for machine and even the facilities for repairing defective machines. However, the official set up as well as a range of heavy machinery for all purpose. You might have seen, the construction equipment rental companies offering wide range of heavy machines for various construction purposes. This HMD warehouses is really is providing quality machines for construction purposes.

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