The Evolution of Construction Industry

Social News 08,July, 2021


The Construction industry currently happens to the largest contributor to a country’s GDP. This is indicated by the fact that the industry on an average, currently invests a sum of $1,231 billion a year in the United States, and if that isn’t a noteworthy factor establishing its global pertinence, then it might be worth considering the fact that without a country not sufficiently investing or aiding in the operation of the construction industry it might fall significantly backwards in all realms. For instance, all major sectors of a country play counter-active role on each other. The construction industry, besides the it’s significant impact on a nation’s economy, is also key to signifying a country’s image and success.


The Pyramid of Giza is one of the most influential pieces of architecture from the BC’s


Ever since the history of mankind, humans have done a marvellous job of extensively using limited resources to kickstart innovations. Every civilization from different corners of the world have been home to some great architectural pieces; but the one building that is still talked about is – The Great Pyramin Of Giza of the 2560 BC. As one of the most practical as well as the tallest masterpiece for nearly, 250 years in a time there was no access to technology, high-end machinery OR the internet, it is no surprise that professionals in the field are still in awe.


The Widest Bridge in the world


The Rod El Farag Axis Bridge, also known as the widest suspension bridge in the world stretches across the Nile River in Cairo. With a capacity of 6.73 meters in width, this masterpiece made its way onto the Guiness Book of World Records. It was built by the Arab Contractors over the course of a few years. The best part: visitors get to walk over the Nile (pedestrian passageways) and experience this major tourist attraction.


Taking over the system


Construction industry has a higher employability rate than the education sector. Over the years, the health and educational sector have been on the peak, but not as much as the construction field. This industry has had a higher rate of employment especially in the last decade, accommodating nearly 11 million jobs. It is said, that this number will only get higher – with this year requiring 430,000 more workers than last year.


Here’s the smallest sky scraper in the world


In a world where everyone strives to be one of a kind, structural engineer, J.D McMahon took It upon himself to design the world’s littlest skyscraper. It is 4 storeyed and is located in Texas, United States. With a square footage of 40 squared metres, McMahon made use of his very own construction crew to execute this project.


World’s most complicated maze


Italy is a beautiful city, the architectural history and rich cultures are guaranteed to keep you guessing, but so is this maze. Villa Pisani Labyrinth designed by Frigimelica in 1720, still stands as the most complicated maze in the world. The construction of this project was done in nine layers! With an adventitious yet impressive structure originating from the 16th century, from a time where there was little knowledge about construction, Pisani articulated this project in the cleverest way possible.